Win:1-Week Formal Test Planning Session with Oski Technology

Enter to Win: 1-Week Formal Test Planning Session with Oski Technology

Formal test planning is the first step to ensuring successful End-to-End formal verification and formal sign-off.

There are 3 stages in the process of formal test planning – identifying the right design blocks for formal verification (the where question); estimating the formal verification effort using key metrics (the how much question); and planning the specific formal verification tasks on the chosen designs (the what question).

A good planning session can take several weeks to analyze the design, understand formal complexity hotspots, estimate the effort and craft a workable blueprint for formal verification. However we often see engineers jumping into the act of formal verification without spending enough time in formal test planning. Without proper formal test planning, it is not possible to achieve formal sign-off.

Win a Formal Test Planning Session with Oski Technology

What: Win a one-week formal test planning session with Oski Technology

Why: The goal of this offer is to promote the practice of proper formal test planning as well as demonstrate the proper way to do so.

How to Enter: 
Oski Technology will present an achievable plan on how the chosen design should be verified with formal, to achieve formal sign-off. Interested companies should select one or more designer-size blocks to be formally verified. You will need to complete a short 5-question questionnaire about the design characteristics so we can assess the applicability of formal for this design.

Contact: Send email to

Results at DAC Insight: Formal Test Planning Tutorial June 5
The winning company will be announced on June 5 at DAC, during Oski Technology’s DAC Insight Tutorial Session on Formal Test Planning from 2:00pm – 4:00pm; this session is free to all DAC registrants.

• Exact time of service will be determined based on mutually agreed-upon dates.
• The deliverable will be supplied on an as-is basis.
• Winner must schedule the formal test planning session within one year of winning, by June 5, 2015.