Largest Team of Formal Verification Experts

Oski has the largest dedicated team of formal verification experts in the world. Our targeted approach to resolving “simulation-resistant” bugs early in the design cycle allows verification teams to focus on areas of the design that are simulation friendly. This enables teams to close the gap on verification and reach verification goals.

Oski’s Unique, Proven Methodology Is Tailored for Application and Implementation Demands

Formal tools are too generic to find superbugs that are specific to application areas and require specialized implementation for detection. Our team of hands-on experts employ our unique methodology to tackle those tough simulation-resistant blocks. Oski Abstraction Models are used to transform the problem of state-space explosion and allow faster and better-quality verification for even the largest, most complex designs.

Long History of Client Success

We have worked with major technology companies to off-load their most complex verification issues and root out simulation-resistant superbugs. We foster a trusted partnership with our clients to produce results beyond expectations.