Simulation-resistant superbugs are on the rise and wreaking havoc in every type of design including CPUs, GPUs, networking, wireless, functional safety, and machine learning. These functional bugs are resistant to detection during simulation and even emulation and are caused by an increasing reliance on parallelism and concurrency. Simulation can’t handle the extreme corner-case scenarios that are required to activate and uncover these bugs. Emulation may find them but not until very late in the design cycle. Superbugs often escape to silicon, only to be found in the lab or by an end customer. These bugs may also be hiding clusters of sister superbugs making it difficult to predict when verification will be complete and tape-out is ready.

Oski Formal Verification Methodologies can close the gap by providing a deep analysis and understanding of the behavioral details of the design and prove the absence of all bugs, even elusive superbugs.

Formal sign-off can happen in parallel with other verification methods, but the testbenches can take a significant amount of time to think through and create. Our formal experts have been through this drill numerous times and have accumulated patterns and best practices that can save months of verification time. Targeted abstraction techniques are often key to overcoming the exponential proof complexity that might happen through a naïve usage of formal tools.

Oski’s experts offload your verification team so that simulation engineers can focus on simulation-friendly blocks, and emulation engineers can focus on system-level integration and software bugs. This approach leverages the strengths of each verification domain to deliver chip-level functional signoff within a project’s schedule.

Read more about how Oski’s Formal Sign-Off Methodology, Oski Abstraction Models, and Verification IP, can help you achieve predictable, efficient, and confident sign-off.

Simulation-resistant superbugs are often application-specific. Oski Formal Verification Methodologies address each application domain differently to achieve the best results. Learn more about your specific application domain and how Oski Formal can help.