Oski on Camera

DVCON 18: Rob van Blommestein, VP of Marketing Oski Technology

DVCon 2017: Roger Sabbagh, VP Applications Engineering Oski Technology

DAC 2016: Interview Vigyan Singhal, President & CEO Oski Technology


DVCON 16: Oski Formal Leadership Summit – Oski COO Dave Parry Interview with Sanjay Gangal

EDACafe_DVCON_16_Oski _Formal_Leadership_Summit_Oski_COO_Dave_Parry_interview_with_Sanjay_Gangal

GSA Panel Discussion: IP Verification (Q3 2015)


DAC 2015: Interview Jin Zhang, VP of Marketing and Customer Relations Oski Technology

DAC 2015: Jin Zhang, VP of Marketing and Customer Relations Oski Technology

Oski CEO Vigyan Singhal Take Five with Warren April 2015


Oski Offers “Decoding Formal” Training Day Thursday @ DAC


Tech Talk Formal Practices: Vigyan Singhal interview with Brian Bailey about the Synergy between Formal and Simulation for Joint Sign-Off


DAC 2014:Interview Jin Zhang, Sr. Director of Marketing at Oski Techology at 2014 Design Automation Conference


DVCON 14: Vigyan interview with Sanjay Gangal about Oski Formal Sign-off Methodology


‪DAC 2012: Vigyan Interview with Joe Hupcey on Oski Technology’s Courageous “72 hour Verification Challenge”

I’ve seen a lot of intriguing promotions over the years, but at DAC 2012 our partners at Oski Technology (‪http://www.oskitechnology.com) tackled a truly unique challenge: to show off their formal verification prowess they took an IP block from NVIDIA sight unseen (actually, on Sunday evening before the DAC they received a spec and a 15 minute briefing) and over the course of 72 hours from Sunday at 5pm to Wednesday at 5pm they used Incisive Enterprise Verifier (“IEV”) and their years of verification experience to deliver impressive results. In this video Oski’s CEO Vigyan Singhal gives a snapshot of the challenge while it was in progress, and then reports on the results after the dust has settled.

DAC 2011: Vigyan Interview with Joe Hupcey on Oski Technology


Vigyan Singhal talks with Cadence Team Verify’s Joe Hupcey at #48DAC about Oski’s unique formal verification methodology, and how Oski Abstraction Models simplify the state space to scale formal methods for large and complex designs.

DVCON 13: Vigyan Interview with Joe Hupcey about how careful advanced planning can substantially reduce risk in verification projects


Joseph Hupcey speaks with Vigyan Singhal, CEO and formal and ABV specialist Oski Technology at DVCon 2013. Singhal shares insights about how careful, advanced planning can substantially reduce risk with formal verification.

DAC 2011: Vigyan Singhal interview With Richard Goering


Vigyan Interview with Richard Goering

Oski Technology CEO Vigyan Singhal interviewed by Richard Goering, discusses why formal verification can offer 6X speedup vs. simulation, where formal works best (or not), and how we can now display simulation and formal coverage results on the same design, using one set of metrics, for the proper integration of formal into a simulation-based verification plan.

DAC 2012: Vigyan Interview with Graham on Oski Live Verification Challenge

Vigyan Singhal, President and CEO of OSKI Technology talks with Graham Bell about the Live! Verification Challenge OSKI took on at the beginning of the DAC 2012 show. A never-before-seen design was delivered to OSKI from Nvidia that had over 25,000 lines of RTL code. The challenge was to verify and find bugs in the design before the end of the DAC conference. Vigyan gives an on-the-floor update of the progress made.

DVCon2011: Vigyan Interview with Joe Hupcey about Formal Verification Service Provider Oski Technology


While there was a lot (justifiable) buzz around the UVM 1.0 release, formal and assertion-based verification (ABV) technologies and methodologies also had a great showing at DVCon 2011. Evidence of this trend was Oski Technology – “the world’s first and only IC verification services company to be fully focused on formal verification” – investing in a DVCon booth. In this video I interview their CEO Vigyan Singhal, who offers advice to simulation-oriented people new to formal, the importance of advanced planning and quantifiable metrics for project management, plus how formal and simulation can be mutually reinforcing.