Press Releases

Apr 20. 2020

Oski Technology Appoints Gurudutt ‘GD’ Bansal as Vice President Engineering and Managing Director of India Operations

Jun 14. 2018

Oski Formal Sign-Off Helps Cavium, Cisco, Nvidia, Qualcomm Combat Simulation-Resistant Superbugs – Case Studies Revealed at Design Automation Conference. Complimentary Superbug Risk Assessment Provided to DAC Attendees

Apr 05. 2018

Oski Names Craig Shirley CEO and Vigyan Singhal Chief Oski

Mar 14. 2018

Oski User Formal Verification Case Studies Showcased at Upcoming Oski Decoding Formal Club, Synopsys SNUG, Cadence CDNLive

Feb 22. 2018

Oski Technology Formal Experts Tackled Wide Range of Verification Applications and Design Types in 2017

Feb 13. 2018

Oski Technology’s Formal Verification Expertise Highlighted at DVCon with Booth Demonstrations, Technical, Poster Session Presentations, Formal Leadership Summit

Nov 14. 2017

Oski Technology’s Next Decoding Formal Club Meeting Showcases Verification Experiences from Barefoot Networks, Cavium, Qualcomm

Sep 19. 2017

Oski Technology Growth of Formal Verification Business Leads to New Expanded Headquarters

Feb 22. 2017

Oski Technology Launches Formal Verification IP Portfolio for ARM AMBA Interface Protocols

Nov 29. 2016

Oski Technology Appoints Roger Sabbagh Vice President of Applications Engineering

Sep 22. 2016

Barefoot Networks Turns to Oski Technology for Formal Verification Expertise

May 26. 2016

Oski Technology to Participate at DAC, Demonstrating the Oski Formal Sign-off Methodology, Presenting Cutting-Edge Formal Strategies in DAC Session

Feb 29. 2016

Oski Technology Announces Chessboard Challenge Winner

Feb 18. 2016

Decoding Formal Club Hosted by Oski Technology Will Feature Panel of Formal Verification Experts, CheckMate Session, Formal Coverage Presentation

Feb 17. 2016

Oski Technology to Showcase End-to-End Formal Verification at DVCon 2016

Jan 28. 2016

Decoding Formal Club Meeting to Be Held Monday, February 29

Oct 20. 2015

Oski Technology Names Chief Operating Officer Dave Parry Brings Extensive Engineering, Executive-Level Experience

Oct 06. 2015

Oski Technology to Host Decoding Formal Club October 21 at Computer History Museum

Sep 22. 2015

Oski Technology to Participate in Formal Verification Session, Industry Panel on Formal during FMCAD in Austin, Texas

Sep 16. 2015

Oski Technology, Synopsys to Present “Is End-to-End Formal Testbench Complete?” at SNUG Austin

Jun 03. 2015

Oski Technology Will Prove at DAC End-to-End Formal Techbench Can Catch All Design Bugs

May 19. 2015

Oski Technology Names New Vice President of Engineering, Promotes Jin Zhang to Vice President of Marketing and Customer Relations

May 05. 2015

Oski Technology to Highlight Completeness of End-to-End Formal Verification at DAC

Apr 12. 2015

Oski Technology to Host Decoding Formal Verification Training Day During Design Automation Conference

Feb 19. 2015

Oski Technology to Showcase Formal Sign-Off Methodology at DVCon 2015

Jan 20. 2015

Oski Technology Kicks-Off 2015 Series of Decoding Formal Club Meetings February 9

Nov 13. 2014

Oski Technology’s Vigyan Singhal to Present “Achieving Sign-off with End-to-End Formal” Tutorial at HVC 2014 in Israel

Oct 07. 2014

Presentations From Formal Verification Experts Highlight Next Decoding Formal Club Meeting Hosted by Oski Technology, Sponsored by Synopsys

Sep 16. 2014

Oski Technology to Exhibit at Synopsys User Group Austin Designer Community Expo

Jun 03. 2014

Synopsys Bridges Design and Verification with Next-Generation Static and Formal Technology for Verification Compiler

May 20. 2014

Mentor Graphics Extends the Capacity, Performance and Breadth of Questa’s Portfolio of Formal Based Automated Verification Solutions

May 14. 2014

Oski Technology to Exhibit at DAC Demonstrating the Oski Formal Sign-Off Methodology, Will Award One Company One-Week Formal Test Planning Session

Apr 09. 2013

Oski Technology to Host Latest Decoding Formal Club for Formal Verification Enthusiasts

Jan 13. 2013

Oski Technology to Highlight the Oski Formal Sign-Off™ Methodology at DVCon, Outlining Benefits of Applying Custom Abstraction Models During Formal Analysis

Jan 13. 2013

Oski Technology to Host Decoding Formal Club for Formal Verification Enthusiasts