Oski’s Two New Secure Chambers Support Asia Growth

Oski Technology, founded by Vigyan Singhal, pioneer and practitioner in formal verification, has earned great respect and reputation in the Silicon Valley for helping customers tape out mission-critical projects using formal technology. Leveraging the power of End-to-End formal verification and Abstraction Models, Oski works with its customers to adopt formal sign-off methodology so that formal verification can become part of the verification sign-off flow.

Oski’s new office is easily accessible for customer meetings and formal verification training.

For the past eight years since it’s inception in 2005, Oski has been highly successful in promoting the adoption of formal verification and in helping to develop formal expertise in large semiconductor companies in North America. With recent advancements of technology in Asia, leading semiconductor companies in this part of the world are starting to add formal technology to their overall verification strategy so as to improve verification efficiency and boost productivity. As demand for formal services has grown in Asia, Oski has quietly expanded its sales channels in Japan, China and Korea, and increased its engineering staff by 20% consecutively for the last 2 years.

To facilitate growth, Oski’s main engineering office relocated this year to the heart of India’s “Millennium City”, Gurgaon. The office is within walking distance of the Metro Rail Network and 15 minutes away from the international airport, making it easily accessible for customers who wish to attend meetings and formal verification training events. Visitors to the new office find a bright, well-lit interior with large, open common spaces accented by Oski’s signature-blue dash, and Oski employees enjoy the new work environment and convenient location. This space reflects Oski’s core company values – openness, zero hierarchy and an understated commitment to excellence.

Oski’s new space was designed to include two highly secure chambers for customer use, each with its own isolated networks, CCTV cameras, with customer-controlled access.

Oski has always paid special attention to meeting and exceeding customers’ strict design access requirements, and the new office space has made a significant investment to ensure customer data are protected. The space was designed to include two highly secure chambers, each with their own isolated networks, and CCTV cameras, and customer-controlled access. Each secure chamber has seating for five, large enough to accommodate customer staff and Oski engineers. During the course of a project, each secure chamber effectively becomes the customer’s remote facility, fully monitored, controlled, and highly secure.

Visitors to the new Oski office find a bright interior with large, open common spaces, reflecting core company values – openness, zero hierarchy and a commitment to excellence.

The new facility can accommodate growth for the next six years. But with ongoing success, Oski may find it has once again outpaced its newly expanded capacity. For now, both Oski – and our customers – have a secure space in New Delhi that they can truly call their own.