Oski Technology at DAC 2016

Oski Technology "Decoding Formal" Club Event October 2013

The Decoding Formal Club returns to DAC!  Please visit us at the Oski Technology DAC Booth #339 and our other DAC presentations and talks, and pre-register for our Decoding Formal Training Day: “Achieving Formal Sign-Off” on Thursday, June 9.

Register: Decoding Formal Training Day June 9, Austin Hilton

Join us for the Decoding Formal Club “Achieving Formal Sign-off” Training Day in Austin, Thurs. June 9, 10:00am – 5:00 pm, Hilton Hotel, Austin. Pre-registration is required. This is a full-day training program presented by Oski Technology, and covers writing end-to-end formal checkers, dealing with formal complexity, using abstraction models, managing constraints and using formal coverage. This event is Sponsored by Synopsys. Space is limited and you must register in advance.  Fee: $199.  Purchase tickets here.

Visit Oski at DAC Booth #339 for a “Live” Demo

Visit Oski at booth #339 to view a “live” case study and technical presentation that shows how a well designed set of end-to-end checkers and associated reference models can comprise a formal testbench that reaches greater proof depths, and can enable formal sign-off. See how Abstraction Models and other special techniques such as symbolic variables can be used to implement more efficient End-to-End Formal checkers, and formal coverage can be leveraged to measure the completeness of a formal testbench and track formal verification progress.

Other Oski Events at DAC

  • DAC Design Track “How to Verify the Gordian’s Knot of System Complexity” Ballroom E: June 8, 2016 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm. Vigyan Singhal, Oski’s CEO, will be part of this Design Track invited presentation session. The talk, entitled “Formal Verification: From Flops to Cones to Blocks to Systems” will discuss the history and evolution of formal adoption in the industry, from equivalence checking in the 1990s, to system level verification today.
  • “Using a Chessboard Challenge to Discover Real-world Formal Techniques” Verification Academy: June 8, 2016 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm. Prashant Aggarwal, Oski Principal Engineer will be at the Mentor Graphics DAC booth 839. This presentation will describe the challenge Oski gave formal users to solve a chessboard problem, an opportunity to show how formal techniques might be used to solve a puzzle, along with the winning solution from Intel’s Jesse Bingham.

About the Decoding Formal Club

The Decoding Formal Club is an open forum hosted by Oski Technology and offering a variety of talks and conversations on formal verification methodology, from big picture theory to a deep dive analysis of formal verification for formal sign-off. These meetings and events bring together design and verification professionals for meaningful conversations that make formal verification accessible and understood. Join us to learn about core tools and methodologies your formal verification team can use to enhance your verification capabilities.

Visit the Decoding Formal Club page: www.oskitechnology.com/decodingformals
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