Oski Receives DVCon “Honorable Mention” for Best Paper Bounded Proofs

DVCon 2014 was a successful show for Oski Technology. Not only were we proud to receive an “Honorable Mention” for (2nd) Best Paper at DVCon “Sign-off with Bounded Formal Verification Proofs”, we had the opportunity to have many meaningful conversations with existing customers and others new to formal verification and eager to learn more about what is possible with formal verification. Our DVCon Formal “Sign-off” paper is available on the Oski Technology Web site. See our DVCon 2014 video here.

Those who are familiar with Oski know us as a company focused on formal verification services. Ours is a unique concept in that while there are many companies building exciting formal verification tools, delivering formal verification services is an extremely important part of how formal works and in particular of how formal scales. Very much integrated with the Oski Technology approach, is sharing what we know. Oski teaches customers how to overcome complexity with formal verification and solve problems with formal that once were beyond reach.

One of the concepts most intriguing to booth visitors is the idea of Formal Sign-off ™ Methodology. in 2013 we started conducting end-to-end formal verification where formal completely replaces simulation for a block, so formal is the only way in which these blocks are being verified. After end-to-end formal verification, the next step is Formal Sign-off.

Formal Sign-off is an extremely important concept, and has gained traction through the work that formal tools in general have enabled in the last few years, and work we have done with our customers. People are able to take designs, plan about what they can verify in a design, while they are building a test bench run regressions, measure progress, measure coverage, and in the end check off and sign-off and say we are completely done; essentially they can know that there are no more bugs in the design, and attest to the fact that everything has been verified. This is a level of verification that was not formerly available.

Our DVCon events had very good attendance. On Monday evening we were pleased to participate in the inaugural DVCon Booth Crawl where visitors enjoyed delicious snacks, local wines and some great conversation.

Tuesday’s presentation with Samsung Electronics was a terrific success. The paper discusses how to overcome formal complex and achieve sign-off using bounded proofs. “Sign-off with Bounded Formal Verification Proofs” earned an “Honorable Mention” for Oski. Oski CEO, Vigyan Singhal presented the paper with coauthors NamDo Kim and Junhyuk Park from Samsung, and HarGovind Singh from Oski.

On Tuesday Vigyan also joined the “Semiconductor Engineering Experts at the Table Discussion” for an invigorating discussion covering the maturing of formal technology and the broadening of its application.

Thursday’s Mentor Graphics tutorial with Oski “Formal Verification of Cache Coherency with the ARM ACE/CHI Protocols“ was very well attended. Attendees learned how formal-based technologies are boosting verification efficiency across multiple domains.

We were also able to showcase a 2-minute video about the popular Decoding Formal Club, a quarterly event where we invite formal enthusiasts to join us and talk about their experience with formal. The next event is in Mountain View on Monday April 21, 2014. Register on the Oski web site, here: Decoding Formal Club event registration