Oski Innovation Enables Formal Sign-Off ™ in 2013

A busy year is drawing to a close for Oski Technology. Reflecting back on this year we are proud of what we have accomplished for our valued customers. Oski Formal Sign-Off ™ Methodology, incorporating End-to-End checkers, Abstraction Models and formal coverage – this is the boldest application of formal technology for RTL functional verification.

Gone are the days when formal can only be used to compliment simulation on a given block. Oski Formal Sign-off Methodology and formal verification can replace block-level simulation for suitable designs to improve overall verification coverage, efficiency and productivity. The logic is simple – control and data transport types of blocks and designs with complex corner scenarios are better suited to be verified with formal than simulation. We have applied such methodology to tapeout many of our customers’ mission-critical projects and at the same time develop formal expertise in our customer base.

2013 saw Oski’s customer base expanding to Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan, as companies in Asia are retooling their verification methodology and adding formal technology to the mix for verification sign-off. Oski has quietly added distribution channels in the region and increased its engineering staff by 20% consecutively, for the past 2 years, to support its growth in Asia.

To help customers learn about formal technology – its applications and benefits, besides attending various trade shows in different regions to promote formal verification (DVCon and DAC in the U.S., Verify and EDSFair in Japan,CDNLive and ARMTechCon in China), Oski has also increased its marketing effort in the following areas:
• Completed a redesign of the Oski Technology Web site, adding new content and structure so it is easier for customers to find relevant information
• Produced the “Decoding Formal” series of video tutorials on formal verification , covering a broad array of topics and interest for verification engineers and managers, available on the Oski website
• Sponsored the Deep Bounds Award at the FMCAD-affiliated annual Hardware Model Checking Competition (HWMCC)
• Launched the Decoding Formal Club forum to foster knowledge sharing and networking among formal enthusiasts so as to build critical mass of formal experts in the industry. This event was featured in several articles including John Cooley’s DeepChip. The next Decoding Formal event is scheduled for January 2014, and we hope you can join us! Please register Please register here.

In 2014, we hope to maintain the momentum we have built this year and move our customers up the formal adoption pyramid from automatic formal and the use of formal apps to assertion-based verification (ABV) and ultimately to End-to-End Formal for Formal Sign-off.

Thank you to all our customers for being a part of our success in 2013! We look forward to another banner year, and wish you all a happy holiday and all the best for 2014.

Happy Holidays From Oski Technology