Highlights from the “Decoding Formal” Club Event, Computer History Museum

On October 10, 2013, Oski Technology welcomed formal enthusiasts to the first “Decoding Formal” Club meeting held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California.  The mission of the Decoding Formal Club is to promote sharing of ideas for the advancement of formal technology, and the achievement of formal sign-off within the industry.  Ten companies were represented, and the discussion covered a range of themes from the technical challenges of formal, how to communicate progress, to issues of coverage, trade-offs, management and methodology.

These themes make for spirited discussion, especially since this group represents a wide array of companies, and has leverage to tackle some of the most common problems and opportunities presented with the deployment of formal. We hope other users of formal verification solutions will be inspired to join this important initiative, and look forward to sharing a technical recap of some of the topics covered, including best practices for formal verification in various scenarios. John Cooley did a write up on DeepChip, here: and Peggy’s EDACafe article is here. More about the “Decoding Formal” Club, here.

The “Decoding Formal” Club promotes the sharing of ideas for the advancement of formal technology, and the adoption of formal sign-off.