Oski Services Engagement Process

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Sign-Off with Confidence

Our Formal Sign-Off Engagement Process is designed to deliver peak, chip-level, tape-out confidence by finding all bugs in your high-risk blocks and confirming that the last bug has been found.

This three-meeting series quickly identifies blocks that are impossible to verify using simulation and traditional formal methods, and builds a Formal Sign-Off Plan for these blocks that replaces block-level simulation. These meetings can be held in-person or via WebEx and are most efficient when you share your project block diagram and verification plan.

Step 1:
Discovery Meeting

Goal:  Identify a mission-critical project to investigate for high-risk blocks. This 60-minute meeting has three elements.

Information Gathering

We ask questions about your current and historical verification challenges, to better understand your exposure to simulation-resistant superbug escapes to silicon.

Oski Presentation

We provide an introductory presentation to explain how our formal sign-off services deliver chip-level impact for your specific project and verification methodologies.

Initial Assessment

If we see potential for our formal sign-off services to deliver significant chip-level impact, we will recommend moving forward to the Project Scoping step.

Step 2:
Project Scoping

Goal: Rank order high-risk blocks on your mission-critical project by post-silicon bug escape risk.

In this 60 to 90-minute meeting with our RnD team, we dive deeper into your high-risk blocks and rank them by bug escape risk.

Following our meeting, Oski’s RnD team will estimate the effort required to formally sign-off your high-risk blocks.

Step 3:
Statement of Work
Review & Approval

Goal: Review and jointly finalize our draft Statement of Work (SOW) for a formal sign-off engagement.

In this 60-minute meeting, Oski will present our RnD team’s recommendations for formally signing-off your high-risk blocks along with a timetable.

Because our team will find all bugs using Oski formal sign-off methods, you will not need to simulate these blocks.

Following the discussion, your team can decide exactly which blocks, if any, to assign to Oski to verify and we will modify the SOW accordingly.

Project Commencement through Sign-Off

Once you have approved the final SOW, the project will commence with a project timeline and weekly status meetings through completed sign-off.