Oski Exhaustive Sign-Off Engagement Process

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Sign-Off with Confidence

Our Formal Sign-Off Engagement Process is designed to deliver peak, chip-level, tape-out confidence by finding all bugs in your high-risk blocks and confirming that the last bug has been found.

This three-meeting series quickly identifies blocks that are impossible to verify using simulation and traditional formal methods, and builds a Formal Sign-Off Plan for these blocks that replaces block-level simulation. These meetings can be held in-person or via WebEx and are most efficient when you share your project block diagram and verification plan.

Step 1:
Discovery Meeting

Goal:  Identify a mission-critical project to investigate for high-risk blocks. This 60-minute meeting has three elements.

Information Gathering

We ask questions about your current and historical verification challenges, to better understand your exposure to simulation-resistant superbug escapes to silicon.

Oski Presentation

We provide an introductory presentation to explain how our formal sign-off methodologies deliver chip-level impact for your specific project and verification methodologies.

Initial Assessment

If we see potential for our formal sign-off solutions to deliver significant chip-level impact, we will recommend moving forward to the Project Scoping step.

Step 2:
Project Scoping

Goal: Rank order high-risk blocks on your mission-critical project by post-silicon bug escape risk.

In this 60 to 90-minute meeting with our RnD team, we dive deeper into your high-risk blocks and rank them by bug escape risk, i.e., simulation resistance.

Following our meeting, Oski’s RnD team will estimate the effort required to formally sign-off your high-risk blocks.

Step 3:
Statement of Work
Review & Approval

Goal: Jointly review and finalize a formal sign-off Statement of Work (SOW).

In this 60-minute meeting, Oski will present our RnD team’s recommendations for formal sign-off of your high-risk blocks along with a timetable.

Because our team will find all bugs using exhaustive formal sign-off methods, you will not need to simulate these blocks.

Project Commencement through Sign-Off

Once you have approved the final SOW, the project will commence with a project timeline and weekly status meetings through completed formal sign-off.