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Design Automation Conference

Jun 3-5, 2019
Las Vegas Convention Ctr.
Booth 824

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Formal Sign-off Meets Real-World Tapeout Schedules

How formal verification was used to accelerate the verification process and meet the challenging tapeout deadline for the Surface Write Unit of a GPU.

Monday – 1 pm

Tuesday – 2:30 pm

Wednesday – 4pm

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Metrics-Driven Formal Sign-Off of PCIe PCS

A metrics-driven formal verification solution for verifying multi-clock plesiochronous Rx path of PCIe physical layer logical sub-block.

Monday – 4 pm

Tuesday – 1 pm

Wednesday – 11 am

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Formal Verification of a Resource Allocator Unit

How formal verification was used to prove that a Resource Allocator Unit correctly processed any combination and sequence of input requests to allocate, update or release resources.

Monday – 2:30 pm

Tuesday – 11 am

Wednesday – 1 pm

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Thwarting Inevitable Bug Escapes with Exhaustive Formal Sign-Off

Learn how to 1) predict where your next inevitable bug escape will occur, 2) find all bugs in these high-risk areas, 3) and prove that the last bug has been found. Bug escapes are no longer inevitable.

Monday – 11 am

Tuesday – 4 pm

Wednesday – 2:30 pm

DAC Designer Track Invited Session – Organized by Oski

Session 5: Stop Wasting your Verification Budget – Know when to use Formal

Monday 1:30pm – 3:00pm | Room N262

5.1  A Novel Approach to PCIe Receiver Framing Checks

5.2  Formal Verification of a GPU Shader Sequencer

5.3  Effective Formal Solutions to CPU Verification Challenges