Decoding Formal DAC Training Day: Achieving Formal Sign-Off

Oski Technology "Decoding Formal" Club Event October 2013
Registration is now open for the Decoding Formal: “Achieving Formal Sign-Off” DAC Training Day on Thursday June 9, 2016 at the Hilton Hotel, Austin, TX. This full day of training on formal verification has a packed agenda, with lunch included. Paid pre-registration is required. Check out the details below, and buy tickets here. The Decoding Formal DAC Training Day is co-sponsored by Synopsys.

Thursday June 9, Hilton Hotel
Decoding Formal DAC Training Day*: Achieving Formal Sign-Off
Time: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Description: Formal sign-off is possible with today’s technology and methodology, but to get to formal sign-off takes knowledge of formal verification and immersion in ongoing practice with formal methods and techniques. The Oski Decoding Formal ”Achieving Formal Sign-Off” training day at DAC will discuss key components of Formal Sign-Off Methodology, with the goal of achieving formal sign-off.  The Decoding Formal DAC Training Day is co-sponsored by Synopsys. Fee: $199. Pre-registration is required.

About the Decoding Formal Club

The Decoding Formal Club is an open forum hosted by Oski Technology and offering a variety of talks and conversations on formal verification methodology, from big picture theory to a deep dive analysis of formal verification for formal sign-off. These meetings and events bring together design and verification professionals for meaningful conversations that make formal verification accessible and understood. Join us to learn about core tools and methodologies your formal verification team can use to enhance your verification capabilities.

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