Decoding Formal Club Meeting – Formal Coverage and 2016 Oski Formal Puzzler – Chessboard Challenge (Video)

2016 Oski Puzzler – Chessboard Challenge (Video)

In December 2015, Oski challenged formal users to build the fastest testbench to solve our Oski Formal Puzzler – the Chessboard Challenge! In many ways the challenge is analogous to real world combinatorial problems with schedulers, virtual mapping arrays and free lists while the approach, techniques and mindset required to solve this type of problem is strongly relevant to the verification of structures in real designs.

2016 Decoding Formal Q1: Formal Coverage (Video)

Sign offs are important in design flow. They require a commitment and accountability from the engineers to finish the work. This presentation covers the important question of what metrics to track for each of three components: checkers, constraints and complexity, and when to use these for formal sign-off.


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