Decoding Formal Club Meeting Featuring Formal Talks by ArterisIP and Cisco

Oski "Decoding Formal" Club


Decoding Formal Club Meeting
Featuring Formal Talks by ArterisIP and Cisco

Keynote Address on Security and Formal by Dr. Mike Hamburg a Cryptography Expert and Contributor to the Discovery of Meltdown and Spectre Security Issues

When: Tuesday, March 20, 11:30am – 5pm

The Conference Center
2055 Gateway Place
San Jose, CA

Sponsored by Cadence

Attendance is complimentary, but space is limited, and pre-registration is required (registration link).

11:30 – Registration and Lunch

1:00 – Keynote Address

2:10 – Cisco

3:00 – ArterisIP

4:00 – Networking Reception

Talk Details:

Keynote Address:

Meltdown and Spectre

Presented by Dr. Mike Hamburg, Security and Cryptography Expert
Modern high-end processors use speculative execution to increase performance. Covert channels between speculative executed and architecturally executed code can result in information disclosure flaws. Spectre and Meltdown are two such flaws: Spectre results from a covert channel between misspeculated code and architectural code, and Meltdown results specifically from processors speculating on memory security checks. Both these flaws are widespread, with Spectre affecting almost every processor from smartphone class up, and Meltdown affecting most processors by Intel, IBM and Apple, and some ARM processors. Formal analysis contributed in part to the discovery of Spectre, and would likely be helpful for preventing these vulnerabilities in future processors.

From Formal Verification Training to Methodology Development for Networking Designs
Presented by Anatoli Sokhatski, Verification Expert, Cisco Systems

This talk will describe Cisco’s experience of upskilling and defining a Formal Verification Methodology that works for the complexity of networking chips. Several aspects of implementing a Formal Methodology will be discussed including flow development, infrastructure and coverage metrics. Lessons and Formal techniques learned from Cisco’s experience will be shared.

Achieving Automotive Safety with Formal Verification
Presented by Kurt Shuler, Vice President of Marketing, ArterisIP, U.S Technical Advisory Group (TAG) for ISO 26262

Semiconductor design teams deal with a lot of misinformation and ambiguity regarding the requirements for ISO 26262 compliance, and the scope of this functional safety (FuSa) specification’s reach into the semiconductor development process. Kurt will describe the 3P’s framework undergirding the philosophy behind ISO 26262 (people, process, and product), and describe how the use of Formal methods affects, and is affected by, all three P’s.

What is Decoding Formal?

The Decoding Formal Club is a forum for formal enthusiasts, pioneers, leaders and colleagues who work to promote the sharing of ideas, advancement of formal technology, and adoption of formal sign-off within the industry. More information about past Decoding Formal Club meetings is here, including video and technical presentations, photos and news. Look for updates on our blog.