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Combating Simulation-Resistant Superbugs

Simulation-resistant ‘superbugs’ are on the rise as designers rely on parallelism and concurrency to scale performance and power efficiency in a Post-Moore’s Law Era. These superbugs are typically application specific and affect a broad range of domains including CPUs, GPUs, Networking, Wireless, Functional Safety, and Machine Learning.

Simulation-resistant superbugs typically go undiscovered until very late in the design cycle. Often, they escape to silicon, only to be found in the lab or by an end customer. Superbugs may also hide clusters of sister superbugs, making it even more difficult to predict when verification will be complete and the design is ready for tape-out.

Oski Formal Experts Can Find Your Superbugs

Our formal experts use unique application-specific sign-off methodologies to understand the behavioral details of your design and prove the absence of all bugs, including elusive superbugs. We’ll help you eliminate these superbugs much earlier in the verification process and achieve predictable, efficient, and confident sign-off.

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