Who We Are

Founded in 2005, Oski Technology is the trusted global leader in the application of advanced Formal Verification Methodologies that help our clients target “Simulation-Resistant”​ Superbugs early in the design cycle to greatly reduce their bug escape risks. This frees up our clients’​ verification teams to focus on design features that are well-suited to traditional simulation and Formal methods. Adopted by the world’s leading technology companies, Oski has been responsible for solving the toughest verification challenges for the most complex designs. We have assembled the largest dedicated team of Formal Verification experts that draws on hundreds of man-years of collective experience to deliver innovations such as our Formal Sign-off™ methodology, End-To-End Formal™ checkers and Oski Abstraction Models™.

What We Do

Oski has focused on developing a unique formal verification methodology which it has successfully applied to solve its clients’ most challenging verification problems. Oski helps clients achieve predictable verification sign-off by employing its unique, deep end-to-end formal methodology to root out all bugs including simulation-resistant superbugs.

What Drives Us

Our clients continue to develop the most sophisticated and exquisite designs to keep pace with and often exceed demands for performance and power. In order to do this, our clients have had to develop and employ innovative parallelism and concurrency techniques to improve throughput and decrease compute response time. These heroic efforts, however, have led to the rise of superbugs: functional bugs that are resistant to detection during simulation and even emulation.

Like our clients, we are committed to developing verification methodologies and techniques that are designed to exhaustively capture all bugs including these simulation-resistant superbugs. We are committed to providing our clients with cutting-edge hands-on expertise to give them the predictable verification sign-off and confidence needed to continually push the boundaries of what’s is possible.

What Is Unique About Us

Oski’s team of formal verification experts is the largest in the industry and is led by renowned formal verification authorities. Oski has developed its unique Oski Formal Verification Methodology that dives deep into design behavior in order to track down the most complex corner-case bugs earlier in the verification process to get our clients to predictable sign-off faster and with confidence.