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Job Description:

The Account Manager is based in our San Jose headquarters with the primary motivation of addressing our clients’ post-silicon bug escape risks. The Account Manager will have a deep understanding of the challenges of functional verification in the Parallelism Era and why simulation, emulation, and traditional formal methods cannot address the inevitable bug escapes impacting modern chip designs. The Account Manager will work diligently with our clients to identify high-risk blocks that are likely to cause silicon re-spins on our clients’ mission-critical projects.

In many cases, our new clients have not yet identified the patterns that predict where functional bug escapes are likely to occur. Therefore, the Account Manager will be required to systematically help senior executives and their technical teams understand:

  1. Why their bug escapes to silicon are typically root-caused to concurrent logic blocks (and not sequential logic block that simulation can close),
  2. How Oski rank orders their high-risk blocks by post-silicon bug escape risk, and
  3. Which blocks Oski’s Formal Verification Sign-Off Service can exhaustively verify.

The main responsibilities of the Account Manager are to plan, lead, organize, and motivate sales campaigns in Tier 1 semiconductor accounts to uncover opportunities for Oski to deliver exceptional business value to our clients. The Account Manager will be responsible for managing several concurrent high visibility client engagements in a fast-paced environment that spans multiple accounts.

  • Identify, develop and qualify top “mission-critical” project candidates for Oski formal in the Territory.
  • Maintain Project Maps for each account in the Territory to understand our top business opportunities and engage key economic and technical stakeholders at the right time.
  • Educate our clients on the correlation between designers’ pivot to parallelism and the resulting post-silicon bug epidemic. It is essential that our clients find evidence in their own designs that the concurrent logic blocks that consistently produce post-silicon bugs can be predicted and formally signed-off in “project time”.
  • Engage new clients in Project Scoping exercises to rank order their high-risk blocks that are likely to have Simulation-Resistant Superbug vulnerabilities, i.e., we diagnose before we prescribe.
  • Maximize the impact of our sign-off services on our clients’ mission-critical projects and ensure that all stakeholders are aware of our impact.
  • Review and/or contribute to test plan document(s)/presentation(s) for clients.
  • Participate in weekly internal project meeting and work with Project Leads to:
    • assess progress-to-date vs Plan,
    • set goals for the coming week,
    • review weekly project update presentations.
  • Schedule and participate in weekly client meetings ensuring that action items are logged and followed-up on.
  • Work with Project Lead, Project Engineer(s) and other internal stakeholders to create compelling end-of-project presentations to measure and document our value and drive repeat and expansion business with our clients.
  • Arrange Quarterly Executive Dialogues (“QEDs”) with existing clients to review our impact for the quarter, explore areas of future impact (new projects or blocks), and uncover areas where Oski can evolve our verification methodologies to increase our future impact.
  • Our client engagement model is consultative and requires a working knowledge of the block-level architecture of modern CPUs, GPUs, Wireless, Networking, PCIe/Ethernet, Automotive, and AI/ML designs.
  • Play a consultative role to help put in place the right people, processes, and tools to deliver world class verification services to our clients.
  • Continually seek opportunities to increase customer satisfaction and deepen our client relationships.


The Account Manager has a digital hardware engineering background with tremendous drive, intelligence and capability. The Account Manager is highly motivated and has the ability and desire to have an impact on the future of high value, mission-critical professional services targeting semiconductor companies. The Account Manager is a multi-dimensional thinker who operates not only on the basis of important past experiences, but in light of new approaches and developments that occur.

Additional personal and professional attributes include:

  • BSEE degree or equivalent with an emphasis on digital design.
  • Prior sales experience is not required if you bring a willingness to learn proven sales methodologies, a strong work ethic, and a collaborative spirit.
  • Please read and understand Major Account Sales Strategy by Neil Rackham.
  • Motivated, results-oriented, and organized self-starter.
  • Ability to communicate with a wide variety of audiences ranging in skill set (highly technical to non-technical) and experience (individual contributors to executive management), cross-organizationally and with clients.
  • Have a long-term mindset by remaining engaged with clients even if they do not initially adopt our services. Check in periodically to confirm that our risk assessments predicted their high-risk blocks, e.g., did they have bug escapes in these blocks? Can we help?
  • Excellent problem solving and analysis skills.
  • Demonstrated record of success in a goal oriented, highly accountable, sales or technical environments.
  • Ability to prioritize company objectives and meet aggressive deadlines.
  • Willingness to accommodate late night or early morning phone calls to collaborate with our India team members as needed.

Job Description:

The position requires learning and applying modern verification tools on IC designs.


  • Strong educational background with a BTech in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering from an IIT, or an equivalent college.
  • 0-2 years of work experience.
  • Exceptional problem-solving skills.

Desirable, but not required:

  • Familiarity with the ASIC design and verification flow.