About Oski Technology

Our mission is to make zero-bug silicon a reality.

Oski’s unique exhaustive formal verification solutions deliver peak sign-off confidence earlier in the semiconductor development cycle by diving deep into design behavior to track down the most complex corner-case bugs.

Our approach exhaustively proves the absence of bugs and brings a higher level of productivity to our clients, as compared with traditional simulation and formal verification approaches.

Since 2005, Oski has focused on developing comprehensive formal verification solutions to identify and sign-off high-risk blocks, achieve system-level architecture sign-off, and quickly resolve post-silicon bugs.

Oski has built the largest team of formal verification experts in the world. Our founder, Vigyan Singhal, did his PhD thesis at UC Berkeley in formal methods of verification. Vigyan later developed Cadence’s first-generation formal verification tool, and was the founder of Jasper Design Automation, which was later acquired by Cadence.

The company is headquartered in San Jose, CA with a design center in Gurugram, India.

Formal Sign-Off Industry

10+ years, 200+ projects

Largest formal team

Top semiconductor clients

Unique Formal Sign-Off

End-to-end checkers

Abstraction models

System architecture formal


Improves schedule + quality

Portable across tools

Finds all bugs + superbugs