Combat Simulation-Resistant Superbugs
Restore Verification Sign-Off Predictability
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Restore Predictability to Verification Sign-Off

Your designs are complex and so are their bugs. Simulation-resistant superbugs can have catastrophic costs if undetected. Predictability is lost leading to severe tape-out delays. Oski Formal, a unique Application-Specific Formal Verification Methodology, uncovers superbugs early, eliminating bug escapes and restoring predictability.



Formal Verification


What Blocks Are Vulnerable? Get a Superbug Risk Assessment to Determine the Right Verification Strategy

Certain parts of your design are more susceptible to simulation-resistant superbugs. These bugs may vary depending on the type of design. Oski’s team of experts has the talent and experience to help you identify which blocks of your design are more likely to contain superbugs that traditional verification efforts will fail to detect.

Clients in Action

Adopted by the world’s leading technology companies, Oski has been responsible for solving the toughest verification challenges for the most complex designs. Hear how our clients have used our hands-on expertise to root out superbugs and achieve results.
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"The additional benefits Oski engineers bring to NVIDIA are: formal sign-off methodology and unmatched formal verification expertise. It is essential for NVIDIA to leverage Oski formal service in mission-critical projects."

Prosenjit Chatterjee
Director of Engineering, NVIDIA

Where Are Your Mission Critical Blocks?