• What people say about Oski: “Great”; “Enabling formal sign-off”; “Impressive and dependable”; “Well respected”; “Produces results”; “Expert!”; “Excellent in promoting formal. Keep up the good work!”; “Service company promoter of formal”; “Great service for formal community.”
    What people say about the Decoding Formal Club: “I’m glad you are having these meetings.”; “Cool Stuff”; “Doing a good job presenting the importance of formal verification and how it can be effecive in solving complex verification.”; “Nice!”

    Attendees at the Decoding Formal Club meeting 1/23/14


  • “Memoir Systems designs high performance and highly configurable memory IP cores. Formal verification has always been an important strategy to ensure functional correctness of its configurable memory IPs, as it is hard to cover all configurations using simulation. Due to the complex nature of Memoir Systems’ design, Oski Technology is involved to help identify formal verification complexity spots and craft solutions to overcome the complexity challenge. Due to Oski’s engagement, the memory IPs from Memoir Systems are formally verified and exhaustively proven – 100% verified.” (Update: Memoir was acquired by Cisco in September 2014.)

    Da Chuang
    Co-Founder & COO, Memoir Systems

  • “NVIDIA has also been an Oski customer since 2007 and utilizes 4 Oski engineers working full time along side our 15 dedicated internal formal engineer team to apply end-to-end formal in suitable design blocks to achieve formal sign-off. The additional benefits Oski engineers bring to NVIDIA are: formal sign-off methodology and unmatched formal verification expertise. It is essential for NVIDIA to leverage Oski formal service in mission critical projects.”

    Prosenjit Chatterjee
    Director of Engineering, NVIDIA


  • “Oski came up with innovative strategies to deliver a comprehensive verification methodology for the Spacetime breakthrough architecture.”

    Rajeev Jayaraman
    Vice President, Software Development, Tabula

  • “Without their involvement we would not have attempted the scale of projects that we were able to do, using formal.”

    Vishal Anand
    Manager, Cisco