Decoding Formal Club Agenda Feb. 29, 2016
Formal Coverage

11:30 AM   Lunch, Networking and Welcome 
12:30 PM   Panel: “Where and How to Apply Formal Verification” 
                    Moderator: Brian Bailey, Technical Editor, Semiconductor Engineering
                   Panelists: Ashish Darbari, Principal Engineer, Imagination,
                   Stuart Hoad, Lead Engineer, PMC Sierra (now Microsemi),
                   Normando Montecillo, Associate Technical Director, Broadcom,
                   Roger Sabbagh, Principal Engineer, Huawei
1:30 PM   CheckMate: Results from the 2016 Oski Formal Puzzler Chessboard Challenge
                  Anshul Jain, Engineer, Oski Technology
2:15 PM   Awards Ceremony
2:30 PM   Coffee & Networking
2:45 PM   Formal Coverage 
                 Vigyan Singhal, CEO, Oski Technology
3:45 PM   Wrap-up and Prize Drawing
4:00 PM  Closing

This event is sponsored by Synopsys

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