Decoding Formal Club Agenda October 23, 2014
Formal Ph.D Talks: Methodology, Application, Real-World Experience

11:45 AM    Arrival and Networking
12:00 PM   Welcome and Lunch
12:45 PM   Formal Sign-off with End-to-End Checkers
                  Vigyan Singhal, CEO, Oski Technology
1:30 PM     Experience with Formally Verifying the Denver CPU
                  Syed Suhaib, CPU and Tegra Formal Verification Team Manager, NVIDIA
2:10 PM    Coffee Break
2:15 PM    Formal Verification of Cache Coherence
                  Robert Kurshan, a pioneer in formal verification
3:15 PM    Wrap-up and Prize Drawing
3:30 PM    Computer History Museum Tour (Self-Guided)