Decoding Formal Club Agenda October 21, 2015
Completeness of End-to-End Formal

12:00 PM   “Break the Testbench” Challenge* and Networking
12:30 PM    Welcome, Lunch and ARM Guest Talk
                  Mobile Hardware Security
                  Vikas Chandra, Principal Engineer, ARM
1:15 PM     The Completeness of Formal Sign-off: Results from the DAC 2015 Challenge
                  Prashant Aggarwal, Principal Engineer, Oski Technology
2:00 PM     Coffee, “Break the Testbench” Challenge* and Networking
2:30 PM    Creative Formal Techniques to Verify PCache
                 Kenny Xing, Principal Design Engineer, Broadcom
3:00 PM    Compositional Reasoning Gotchas in Practice – FMCAD 2015 Paper 
                 Vigyan Singhal, CEO, Oski Technology
                 Yogesh Mahajan, Engineer, NVIDIA
3:45 PM    Wrap-up and Prize Drawing
4:00 PM    Computer History Museum Tour (Self-Guided) 

* “Break the Testbench” Challenge supported by Synopsys VC Formal