Another Awesome DAC for Oski Technology

It is not surprising that so many attendees remember and talk about the excitement of Oski 2012 DAC, where Oski set out to win a daunting and unthinkable 3-day game: “The Oski Live Verification Challenge“. Under the admittedly skeptical eyes of DAC attendees, Oski formal expert Chirag successfully verified a design from NVIDIA sight unseen, and found 4 bugs in 72 hours, using Cadence Incisive Formal Verifier (IFV). It was an incredible testimony of the power of formal technology and the productivity gain one can achieve by applying formal technology in design verification.

This year we decided to turn the challenge around and put DAC attendees to the test on Monday and Tuesday. Fortified with popcorn and ice cream, contestants in Oski’s 2013 “Decoding Formal Challenge” were offered two tracks – Engineer and Manager. All contestants watched a short technical video. Different questions were then posed to the contestants in each track and whomever gave the best answer would get an Oski limited edition “Decoding Formal” Trophy. There was some hot debate and a few very happy winners as seen in the photos below.

Formal-Verification-ChallengeFormal-Verification-Challenge Oski “Decoding Formal” winners at #50DAC

With pre-DAC predictions of low attendance in Austin, we were delighted to have a constant booth traffic, as well as animated discussion and great attendance at booth activities.

It is unfortunate that John Cooley’s “Must See” list has, to date, excluded service providers. It means DeepChip’s readers are missing on some of the Best stories of the industry. Like the Oski DAC 2012 Live Verification Challenge, and the 2013 follow-up demo showing how Oski Abstraction Models can shorten the formal verification run, from 991 days to 3 minutes, a 600,000x improvement. An impressive way to achieve early formal convergence. Demo attendees walked away amazed and inspired to explore how to use Abstraction Models in their work.

If you missed the Oski 2013 Abstraction Models demo at DAC, please contact us. We’d love to show you how we achieved these impressive results.

There was particular interest in Formal sign-off. Formal Sign-off is a relatively new buzzword. Most companies that have deployed formal technology in verification are now looking at taking it to the next level – using formal verification as part of the sign-off criteria. This is where Oski’s methodology and approach, truly shine. Oski’s Formal Methodology focuses on the 4 Cs in a formal Testbench: Constraints, Checkers, Complexity and Coverage. This methodology is applied systematically. The Oski Plan, Verify, and Measure approach is the only way to achieve Formal Sign-off. No surprise that leading semiconductor companies seek us out to get insights on how.

If you missed all the DAC fun, don’t despair. Our newly updated website has lots of information as well as a few new technical videos where Vigyan shares tips to get you started with the application of formal. Check out our new “Decoding Formal” video series. You won’t be disappointed:

  • How to know when a formal testbench is complete
  • How to achieve early formal convergence with Oski Abstraction Model
  • How to formally verify – and reuse – highly configurable IP designs

Thanks to those who visited us in Austin, TX. Look forward to seeing you all again in San Francisco, June 2014!

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