‪DAC 2012: Vigyan Interview with Joe Hupcey on Oski Technology’s Courageous “72 hour Verification Challenge”

I’ve seen a lot of intriguing promotions over the years, but at DAC 2012 our partners at Oski Technology (‪http://www.oskitechnology.com) tackled a truly unique challenge: to show off their formal verification prowess they took an IP block from NVIDIA sight unseen (actually, on Sunday evening before the DAC they received a spec and a 15 minute briefing) and over the course of 72 hours from Sunday at 5pm to Wednesday at 5pm they used Incisive Enterprise Verifier (“IEV”) and their years of verification experience to deliver impressive results. In this video Oski’s CEO Vigyan Singhal gives a snapshot of the challenge while it was in progress, and then reports on the results after the dust has settled.